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Resin bust 1/9 for assembling and painting
Title       : Space Adventurer 4+ in SK2 Spacesuit
Code      : 2D0025
Sculpt     : Pavol Ovecka
Box Art   :  Michal Krepelka
Content   : 3 resin parts, mask for CCCP sign
                 photoetched part - emblem
                 brochure, sticker, painttutorial
Space Adventurer 4+ (in SK2 Spacesuit)

Space Adventurer 4+ (in SK2 Spacesuit)

2D0025 - resin bust for collectors

45,00 € Add
I, Chaika

It’s 17 June 1963, and the Vostok-5 spacecraft has been in space for two days with Valery Bykovsky on board. The whole world is waiting to see what the Soviets will showcase this time. Last time, it was a group flight of two Vostoks with Andriyan Nikolayev and Pavel Popovich, and now the USSR will also surely use the opportunity to show something special. And indeed, at 12:30, Moscow time, a rocket launched from the Baikonur ramp carrying yet another spacecraft. Nine minutes later, the spacecraft is safely orbiting Earth and receives the name Vostok-6, marking the start of another group flight. However, it will be different from the previous one. The whole world listens with amazement when they hear the voice of the newest cosmonaut in the radio: “Hi, I’m Chaika!”. The voice is a female one, and it belongs to Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova who on this day enters the annals of history as the first female cosmonaut.
She was born on 6 March 1937 in the village of Maslennikovo, located in the Yaroslavl area. At first, there was nothing that would indicate her important future role – she came from humble beginnings, her father Vladimir Tereshkov was a tractor driver and mother Yelena worked in a textile factory. She also had an older sister and younger brother. However, the family lost its father soon after Vladimirovna’s birth. Vladimir Tereshkov joined the army in September 1939, and three months later died in Karelia during the Russian-Finnish war. Read more...
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